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© 2018 by Sexual Education Center at the University of Toronto. 


The University of Toronto Sexual Education and Peer Support Centre is a 100% not-for-profit, volunteer-run student service/student group at the University of Toronto, St. George campus.

As a levy-funded organization, all supplies and services provided by SEC are available free of charge to the University of Toronto community.

The Sexual Education Centre offers a free, confidential, non-judgmental peer support approach to sex education.


The services currently offered to all University of Toronto students, faculty, staff, community members and organizations include: 

  • Phone support

  • One-to-one peer support

  • Library and resource services

  • Residence and high school talks

  • And more!


To provide information on all aspects of human sexuality in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

To foster a sex-positive attitude on campus.

To provide educational and empowering resources surrounding human sexual diversity and sexual orientation.

To operate a peer support and referral service to the U of T campus and surrounding community on all aspects of human sexuality and relationships.

To devote all the resources of the organization to the charitable activities carried on by the organization in order to meet and maintain SEC’s objectives.

Click here for our full constitution (last updated 2019/12/12).

Click here for executive meeting minutes.



All good organizations need good people to help make them work, and SEC is no exception. We need volunteers to run our office, distribute supplies, put on seminars, collect resources, inspire events, and more!

Volunteers at SEC can engage beyond the minimum two hour shift as much or as little as they like. SEC is a great place to learn about what you're interested in and share your knowledge in a friendly, nonjudgmental, sex-positive space. We also provide opportunities for volunteers to attend and/or host their own events or seminars about topics they're interested in. Volunteers who'd rather help keep SEC running by completing behind the scenes administrative tasks during their in-office shifts are also super welcome and appreciated!

Long story short: You direct what you get out of SEC and our executive committee will be there to support you every step of the way.

Volunteer with SEC. It's awesome.



We welcome enthusiastic, dedicated volunteers who can help us continue to provide the U of T community with safer sex supplies, safer spaces, peer support and access to extensive information and resources.
SEC strives to be anti-oppressive in regards to (but not limited to) race, gender, sex, sexuality, ability, and class; SEC also strives to be non-judgmental regarding (but not limited to) lifestyle, religion, occupation, or political viewpoint.

General volunteers must commit to one two-hour shift per week in the SEC office. Beyond that, volunteers can engage as much or as little as they like!

Feel free to email Alice and Justin at utsec.volunteers@gmail.com if you have any questions about general volunteering at SEC.



Passionate about sexual heath education? Interested in giving sexual education presentations to members of the UofT community and beyond or helping with SEC events? Consider joining the External Education team! 

​We are a team that provides educational presentations on a variety of topics related to sexual health, performs community outreach, tables at various events, and facilitates our own events throughout the year. Our goal is to offer education and peer support in a way that is accessible, informative, non-judgmental, and anti-oppressive. We serve the University of Toronto community and beyond.

External Education volunteers do not need to commit to a two-hour in-office shift, but must commit to a certain number of presentations per semester, as determined by the External Education coordinators.

Feel free to email Lee and Reilly at utsec.ex.ed@gmail.com if you have any questions about volunteering with Ex Ed.





The University of Toronto Sexual Education Centre provides free safer sex supplies, including latex and latex free condoms, lubricants, nitrile gloves, dental dams, and much more at our office! Feel free to drop by anytime during our operating hours to pick up any of these items.

The work SEC does is more critical than ever—with the cuts to OSAP and financial aid for lower income students, our organization bridges a gap by providing access to necessary products and services. By choosing to opt in to SEC's student fees ($0.50 per year for full-time undergraduate students and $1.00 per year for full-time graduate students), you are making it possible for us continue to do this work. A little goes a long way! Please click here to find out more about the ChooseUofT campaign.


If you or your organization would like to request a bulk order of supplies, please fill out our online form here!

Before you order, please note that:

  • We may need to adjust your order according to stock availability.

  • We do not offer bulk orders for personal use.

  • We do not ship or deliver individual or bulk orders.

  • Orders will be held for 14 days after a notice of availability is dispatched.

  • We are unfortunately unable to provide orders of over 150 condoms to groups or events not sponsored or affiliated with the University of Toronto.

    • Supplies other than condoms are the discretion of our administrative coordinator and based on current stock availability.

Once your order has been received, you will receive a confirmation notice! 


We aim to fill bulk orders within 5 business days. If you do not receive a response, please follow up with our Office Administrator at utsec.bulk@gmail.com.

Check our our safer sex menu below! Click the arrows or circles to switch between each slide. 



Lifestyles Regular Lubricated
The standard, run-of-the-mill condom. Nothing terribly special about it,
but nevertheless a timeless classic.

Lifestyles Non-Lubricated
Dry latex condoms; ideal for oral sex and for those averse to lubricant.



Every year, SEC runs several events through the school year ranging from a variety of topics related to sex and sexuality. 

Our events do not require an RSVP, but you may choose to do so if you'd like! Hope to see you at one of our events! 


Our Address

21 Sussex Avenue, Suite 612
Toronto ON M5S 1J6

Tel: (416) 978-8732

Opening Hours

Open during the school year

Monday – Friday

10:00AM – 6:00PM


We wish to acknowledge this land on which the University of Toronto operates. For thousands of years it has been the traditional land of the Huron-Wendat, the Seneca, and most recently, the Mississaugas of the Credit River. Today, this meeting place is still the home to many Indigenous people from across Turtle Island and we are grateful to have the opportunity to work on this land.


Executive Director

Leah W.
Contact for all general concerns.

Volunteer Coordinators

Alice D. & Justin N.
Contact for volunteer applications and concerns.

Levy Representative

Nafisa R.

Contact for concerns related to levy fees, funding, and related matters.

Office Admin

Sam Z.
Contact for concerns about products and administrative concerns.

Public Relations

Minusha D.

Contact for media inquiries.

External Education Team

Lee H. & Reilly J.

Contact for presentations, workshops, events, and more.


Info Resources 

Nicole G.
Contact for concerns related to the library, website, and more.

Finance Coordinator

Makenna T.
Contact for financial matters.